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Course Info – Swim Skills 

Cost: £65.00 per delegate


Outline - Swim Skills enables staff, over a 3-hour course/workshop, gain knowledge and understanding of how to plan, run and deliver a swimming lesson.


Description – This course enables teachers to have a better understanding of Swim England’s stages of development and how this links in to individual year groups. This course enables staff to not only plan but also experience practically how a lesson can be run. It offers the staff an opportunity to widen their knowledge to swimming techniques and stroke specifics.


Outcome – This course/workshop has both theory and practical elements to it that enable the candidates to not only view experiences but to also feel the experiences of those who are learning to swim. Combining these theory and practical opportunities, this enables participants the chance to plan, deliver and review a lesson. It also enables staff to link in with elements of classroom-based activities in water-based sessions. The course ultimately enables a better understanding of what is required in swimming and the key outcomes to be achieved by a group.