School Games SSP Secondary Dance Show

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Event description

Minimum 4, Maximum 30 participants (single gender or mixed)

Routines can use any dance style. There is no limitation to the number of styles that are used within each routine.

Routines can be inspired by musicals, music videos, television or social media but it is encouraged that choreography is not plagiarised and must be applied and adapted into original content.

Routines should be between 2½ and 4 minutes in duration. 

Teams are required to submit a short paragraph (max 150 words) detailing the inspiration and concept of the team’s routine which will be used by the judges to score the categories. 

Music must be saved to MP3/4 format

Each routine will be judged on the following four categories totalling 100 points: 

1. Concept and soundtrack (10 + 5 points) 

2. Choreography and Floor Use (20 +15 marks) 

3. Performance Skill (20 points) 

4. Overall impact (30 points