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Event description




Any member of staff who teaches PE and would like to refresh or upgrade their skillset – Anyone who lacks confidence in the delivery of PE or just wants fresh ideas to elevate their PE lessons.



This training is any staff member who delivers school-based PE lessons.  The training will build on any previous teacher training they have received to ensure staff have a better foundation with which to teach curriculum PE in school. The course is designed to meet delegate needs to improve confidence and competence of teaching high quality PE lessons.


All of the days will be a mix of theory and practical, with presentations / workshops and activities to bring the subject to life.

The content of the 4 days will support Staff to have a better understanding of their role within PE delivery. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the local and national framework which supports PE and their role and responsibility within delivery. Through the 4 days we will provide all delegates with tools to assess and improve their own teaching through practical support in a range if teaching areas such as Warm ups / Dance / OAA / Games and more (based on delegate identified needs from the outset)

Resources / Approaches and tools to make them a better PE teacher with lots of practical support around the subject.

Day 4 is a new day for 2019-20 and will be a LESSON MODELLING Day – observing experienced PE deliverers in a variety of lessons to a variety of ages, in a variety of PE areas to observe high quality PE provision up close.


Bookings via the SSP website:  You only need to book onto DAY 1 (we will complete additional day bookings on your behalf). Contact Rob McCombe for more info [email protected]