2019-20 Sporting Stars Award UPDATE

In line with the decision around the School games Mark - the SSP is extending the same option for schools for the 2019-20 schools year.  Any schools who completed the award in 2018-19 can automatically extend the award for 2019-20. This will ensure no uneccesary workload placed on our schools to 'jump through a hoop'.

As we have several new schools and schools who did not complete the award in 2019-20 - we have opened the survey and adapted a couple of the key questions to allow for a shortened year - we will also mark the award with greater flexibility due to the shorter year - there is a space at the end of the application process to add comments which can be used to stress any areas you were underperformance on, but had plans to address in the summer term.

This is also open for any schools who took the award last year but want to evidence the progress they have made already this year with a better level of award.

The Application window will remain open all term to give you as much time as possible to complete.

THE LINK TO THE SURVEY - https://freeonlinesurveys.com/s/C8m51omB

The process is quick and easy and Im happy to walk you through it during mentoring calls over the coming weeks to support your application.



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