National Santa Dash - December 11th

You may have seen through our WNDSSP Twitter or Instagram that we are promoting the National 'Santa Dash' on December 11th as part of the School Games offer this term.
The idea is that on December 11th ('Christmas Jumper Day' I believe!) we are encouraging Schools to get their pupils out having a run / stroll / etc in a national celebration of physical activity. The distance can be anything you like, and whilst there is a suggested timetable for each year Group (see attached) you can of course do it at whatever time suits you best during the day. It can be done as part of your Daily Mile or any other daily activity you might be currently running.
It is all a bit of fun & completely optional of course but does offer a slightly different way to get those active minutes in during the 11th - you could always do it set to some of those old classic Christmas Songs! 
If you have any questions at all then please do let me know, and if you do chose to get involved it would be great if you could send me a quick email just to let me know. Thanks!


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